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Welcome to The Texas Ta-Tas.  If you have found our website, then you've probably seen our video on YouTube or run across us by accident. We have just released our new ebook "A Texas Ta-Ta's Take on Internet Dating."

There are plenty of ads on TV that depict wonderful dating experiences via the internet and finding that special soulmate that you are most certainly destined to have.  And, we're not knocking this idea one bit.  It all looks SO EASY!  We've just taken all that mushy, romantic stuff, rolled it into a ball and deep fried it!

Ladies, you are in for a wild ride.  So, be prepared to laugh till you pee, while reading the true and hilariously funny internet dating escapades of Penny, with a little help from her best friend, Lisa.  And as for the men out there, you need to read it too, bless your little "testorone parts."

Please stop back in from time to time, we will have our blog up and running very soon.

While you are here, please feel free to sign our Guestbook.  And, if you've already purchased a copy of our book, we'd like to say a big ole "thank you" and we are so glad you stopped in!

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